Get Dentures in Stratford, CT

Dentures in Stratford CTOur Stratford, CT dentists at Dr. Dental are accomplished when it comes to providing dentures. We help you decide if partial dentures or permanent dentures are right for you. There are two types of dentures. Moreover, there are many reasons why you may need dentures. If you’re seeking a denture consult in Stratford, CT then please contact us today.

Our dental team is an excellent resource when it comes to dental advice and denture services. For those in need of dentures right away, we provide inexpensive options and education. Almost all dentures require a two part visit, with one part dedicated to creating models in the exact shape and position of the denture to be made. This is a trial denture piece to help identify the right color, shape, and fit before the final denture is designed.

Many people in Stratford are not aware what exactly xerostomia is or how it relates to dentures. Well, this can be an issue for denture wearers. The term xerostomia means dry mouth. Our Stratford dentist handles dry mouth daily and can alleviate or get to the root of your symptoms.

Xerostomia can be healed using oral moisturizes recommended by your healed dentist. If you’re dry mouth is related to wearing full dentures or partial dentures then know this is pretty common. Things like improper fittings or the change in your facial structure, which does happen as we age, can cause issues with any type of denture full denture or partial denture. Other medical issues and medications can cause dry mouth, which is why you should talk to our dentists about this issue and your dentures.

Dentures can improve your social life. As your dentist will explain, full dentures and partial dentures do not cost a lot of money. Oh, and the health benefits are amazing. Dentures will keep your chin bone and facial muscle in tact as you age. Partial dentures often act as a bridge alternative or dental implant alternative. The product differences will be explained upon a dental examination. Contact our Stratford, CT dentist about dentures today and what options are right for you.