Dentures in New Haven, CT

Dentures in New Haven CTThere are several different types of dentures and different reasons why people have to wear them. You shouldn’t be afraid or ashamed about wearing dentures. Both full dentures and partial dentures offer a comfortable solution that looks great and serves a medical purpose. The need for dentures are not always the result of aging or infection. In fact, many different types of people have dentures, even some young mothers thanks to different chemical changes within their bodies during pregnancy. Our New Haven dentists on Amity Road and Church St help people identify what type of denture product is best for them.

People in New Haven, CT seeking a dentist for permanent dentures or partial dentures have many choices. Dr. Dental provides a comprehensive consultation on why dentures are right for and then the full denture plan – cost, type, and time commitment.

Partial dentures is for only partial missing teeth. A full denture means you’re either missing all of your teeth or some teeth have to be removed for make away for a permanent denture product. Permanent dentures require your gums to heal. In most cases, the patient doesn’t mind because a beautiful smile will follow. In addition, dentures don’t induce pain. This is a myth. Permanent dentures and partial dentures usually aren’t painful to install. Adjustments have to be made, but dentures are still a better option than having no teeth or missing teeth.

Our dentist will have to see you at least twice before you can walk out wearing your dentures. One visit is for a fitting and the other visit is for the actual placement. Sometimes gums take a longer time to heal, which means you will have to go weeks to months without your third or fourth trip to the dentist for the installation. This is normal.

Our dentists will also explain why dentures need to be adjusted on occasion, usually every 6 to 10 years. Sometimes, dentures may have to be remade regardless if they are permanent dentures or partial dentures. When your mouth shape changes, so does how your dentures fit- which means they can and will harbor bacteria. Mouthwash and soaking your dentures isn’t enough when this happens and a trip to your New Haven dentist may be needed.

Please call one of our New Haven dental offices and setup an appointment to discuss options, payment plans, and treatment plans.