Dentures in New Bedford, MA

New Bedford, MA dentists can help you discover the options associated with permanent dentures and partial dentures. Permanent dentures and partial dentures are both affordable options if you have missing teeth. We help people understand the difference between both and that either option is more affordable than you might think. Dentures are not real teeth, they are fake, and there is a learning curve when it comes to wearing them for the first time.

Dentures in New Bedford MAIf you’re looking for a denture dentist in New Bedford then consider us. We will always help educate you about the ways to prevent serious bacterial infections while wearing permanent dentures and why partial dentures need a bit more consideration when it comes to front biting foods. Our dentist also discusses how certain prescribed and over-the-counter medications can impact your ability to wear dentures comfortably. Consider this, vitamins and medications have a tendency to reduce the amount of spit you carry in your mouth. Dentures can do this too. If you have both dentures and take a saliva decreasing medication or supplement, you may need an oral moisturizer.

Dentures shouldn’t smell. This is a huge misconception about people who wear permanent dentures or partial dentures. In fact, our New Bedford dentist has worked hard to inform people about this common myth. When someone’s mouth smells and you know they wear dentures, it is cause for alarm. There could be a bacterial infection lurking. While this is rare, it can happen if the dentures aren’t properly cared for- especially after the first two years.

Proper care for permanent dentures and partial dentures involves soaking the denture, brushing the denture, considering food choices, and regular visits. Don’t assume that once you have dentures that there is no need to go back to the dentist. You should be back in the seat of your New Bedford dentist yearly for an annual checkup and every two years to really review how your dentures fit. You will have to replace your denture products every five years to a decade.

There are more benefits when it comes to wearing permanent dentures or partial dentures. They look good, feel comfortable when installed right, and they help keep your digestive track health vs. walking around with missing or no teeth. Our New Bedford dentist is here to help! Contact us to set up a consultation appointment.