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There are two types of dentures that you can wear. The types are permanent dentures or partial dentures.  Our Lowell dentist on Bridge Street will explain what type of denture you need and why. You have a right to ask questions and understand your dental procedures.

If you are looking around Lowell, MA for dentures, look no further.  We provide patients with key information. For example, did you know that there is a cost difference for partial dentures vs. permanent dentures?  Our Lowell dentist will help you uncover what type of denture you need. Our dentist will also  help you decide the amount of work needed and the final price of either full dentures or partial dentures.  We offer affordable, comfortable dentures in Lowell, MA.  

Dentures in Lowell, MAMost people don’t understand that permanent dentures and partial dentures look more like real teeth today than their counterparts from thirty, twenty, and even ten years ago. The denture base fits over your gums.  The upper denture covers the roof of your mouth while the bottom denture is shaped to specially accommodate your tongue.  Dentures are not a one-day process, either. Our dentists custom make partial dentures and full dentures from impressions we take of your mouth.

Options for Dentures in Lowell

There are three denture options available to you. If you’re seeking dentures in Lowell, you should think about coming in for a full consultation. It’s important to have all of the right denture information before a decision about which product is best for you and your financial circumstances.

For example, at our Bridge Street dental location in Lowell, MA, we define what dentures are. A full denture is placed in your mouth after any remaining teeth are removed. This option may take several months depending on your gums and their healing time.  An immediate denture, option two, is placed in your mouth right after your own teeth are removed. There is no wait time for a healing process. Regardless if you want traditional or immediate full dentures, you will have to revisit your Lowell, MA dentist for a realignment at some point.

A partial denture sits upon metal framework that attaches to your teeth. Your Lowell dentist will help to guide you more on the amount of time and associated with inserting a partial denture product.

Dentures are subjected to wear and tear. When you seek out an Lowell, MA dentist to help you with dentures, it isn’t going to be a single office visit. Because our jaw lines change continuously, your dentures will need to be remade or refitted every two to six years.

Don’t look any further for an Lowell, MA dentist to help with dentures. We’re the best dentist office and the most affordable! Setup an appointment and discuss your options today.