Various Options Available for Dentures in Haverhill, MA

There are two types of dentures, and many different reasons why you may need a set of partial or full dentures.  Full dentures consist of a traditional set of upper and/or lower oral prosthetics. Partial dentures often act as a bridge alternative and the exact differences can be explained upon a dental examination. Our Haverhill dentists on Lincoln Ave can help you decide if dentures are the right option for your oral health. 

Here at our Lincoln Ave Dr. Dental office, we pride ourselves on being a resource provider when it comes to dental services. We provide precautionary information on avoiding dentures at a later date- while endorsing natural dental health. For those in need of dentures right away, we provide inexpensive options and education. If you’re seeking a denture consultation in Haverhill near Lincoln Ave. then please contact us today.

Many people in Haverhill, MA  have never heard of Xerostomia, or how it relates to dentures. The term  xerostomia means dry mouth. Our dental specialists are familiar with dealing with this common side effect of dentures when worn while prescribed certain common medications. If your dry mouth is related to wearing dentures, often Xerostomia can be healed using oral moisturizes recommended by your dentist.  Other medical issues and medications can cause dry mouth, which is why you should talk to your Haverhill, MA  dentist about this issue and your dentures.

Are Dentures Right For Me?

As your Haverhill, MA  dentist will explain, full dentures and partial dentures do not cost a lot of money and the health benefits are amazing. Dentures can improve your smile and improve your social life, while also helping you keep your jaw bones and facial muscles intact as you age.  Contact our Haverhill, MA dentist to learn more about dentures and what options are right for you.