DenturesHey Denture wearers, your Danbury dentist can offer a wealth of information on partial dentures and permanent dentures. The cost of dentures is only one factor when considering either a full denture or a partial denture. Cleaning can be a major factor too.

As you may already know, the reasons why someone may need dentures vary from case to case. While the denture population tends to be people seniors, many young people have to find a dentist in Danbury who can provide full dentures or partial dentures due to oral injury, drug use, or underlining medical conditions.

One of the major concerns with wearing denture or partial denture is bacterial. Only about a quarter of the denture wearers are practicing safe oral care when they finally receive their dentures. Our Danbury dentist and staff can furnish you with as much information as possible on dentures, partial dentures, and denture bacterial prevention.

Here are some Denture tips to start with:

Both partial and full acrylic dentures have surface pores and regular brushing may not be enough to really clean your dentures. Even a foam toothpaste simply may not penetrate the many hiding places that bacteria can attach itself to your dentures. Partial dentures and regular dentures have many benefits but they can also harbor many types of bacteria. Our Danbury dentist and staff will always ensure that patients understand why killing bacteria on their dentures is important.

One way to prevent bacteria grown on dentures is with an overnight soaking. This method can kill 99.9 percent of denture germs! We encourage the use of an overnight soak such as Polident® because these products kill the bacteria that manifests on dentures and partial dentures. ProClean™ is also another product we suggest for patients seeking information on dentures.

Dr. Dental’s Danbury dental team is also aware that xerostomia is an issue with patients who have dentures or partial dentures. Basically, this is a fancy word for dry mouth. Xerostomia can be caused by simply wearing dentures or wearing dentures alongside a hefty medications lists- which happens more with the senior population. To relieve symptoms of xerostomia, any Danbury dentist can recommend oral moisturizers that provide symptomatic relief and aid denture stability.

If want to find out more about obtaining a set of dentures, partial dentures, or the cost of dentures at Dr. Dental, call our Danbury office at (203) 778-6700 or request an appointment with our dentists today.