Get Dentures in Clifton, NJ

Dentures in Clifton, NJIf you’re looking to get dentures in Clifton, NJ – keep reading. We have some great dentist recommended info for you on the subject of dentures. First, let’s talk about the different types of dentures. There are partial dentures and full dentures.

If you haven’t seen a Clifton, NJ dentist yet, comes see us. If you have, come see us. Our opinions and work is well respected in the dental field. In fact, our Clifton dentist can help you understand why you may need a denture based on your specific situation. So, if you feel like you need dentures of have been told you need a partial denture, contact us today for a consult or request an appointment with our online form.

So you know, there are two basic types of dentures. A partial denture and a full denture. When it comes to dentures in Clifton, NJ, the cost can vary but we are the most affordable. The cost varies based on need, medical issues, and your specific lifestyle vs. budget.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are usually less expensive than full dentures. A full denture simply means all the teeth in your mouth have to be removed, which can be costly but there are options. There are two types of full dentures. These types are called traditional and immediate dentures. Our Clifton dentist can help you evaluate your financial and oral health options to construct a plan for your dentures. Immediate dentures do have a slight advantage over traditional dentures because you’re not walking around in public for months with no teeth. Waiting for gums to heal can be a pain, which is why immediate dentures are often more of an in-demand denture product / service.

Know that your Clifton dentist can’t provide single-visit dentures. Partial denture or full dentures usually require a minimum of two visits. This is because your Clifton dentist- no matter who- has to take an impression of your mouth, even for partial dentures- which sit upon metal framework that attaches to your real teeth. The partial dentures option is possible because it acts like a bridge without a permanent solution or anticipated future work inside your mouth.

All dentures are going to go through wear and tear. Your Clifton dentist can explain why this is but – in a nut shell- the reasons have to do with getting older and our jaw line changing. There are times when you might have to change from a partial denture to a full denture or from a partial denture to a bridge. The reasons behind this vary but it is important to discuss future work and possible financial obligations before deciding on one denture option over another.

Our Clifton, NJ dentist is available to speak with you denture options and the cost of dentures. Let’s set up an appointment for you today and see if either partial dentures or full dentures are a reasonable solution to your oral health challenges.