If you’re seeking a dentist in Bristol CT for information on partial dentures, permanent dentures, or are researching the cost of dentures, look no further. There are many reasons why someone may need dentures. While the denture population tends to be people who are 55 years-of-age, or older, there is a demographic in Bristol of younger people in need of dentures for a variety of medical reasons.

Did you know that nineteen percent of denture or partial denture wearers only remember their dentist’s instructions when practicing everyday home care? Our Bristol dentist and staff will provide you with as much denture information as possible in an easy-to-remember and friendly manner upon each visit. We’ve also included some basic denture information below!

Partial and full acrylic dentures have surface pores. This means a quick brushing every day may not be enough to exhaustively clean the denture. Foaming toothpaste simply may not penetrate the many hiding places that microbes find in a denture surface. Partial dentures have many benefits, which is why education about proper cleaning is so essential for this dental product. Our dental hygienists can help patients manage exposure to microbes through continued education on the effectiveness of overnight soaking to reduce bacteria.

Overnight soaking can kill 99.9 percent of denture germs! This process is essential if you wear dentures or you’re seeking a Bristol dentist for dentures or partial dentures. We encourage the use of an overnight soak such as Polident® because these products kill the bacteria that manifests on dentures and partial dentures. Other products we like include Dentist On Call Denture Wipes (Majestic Drugs Company) or ProClean™.

Dentures can also cause dry mouth. People who wear dentures or partial dentures are predisposed to potential health risks as a result of this, especially a senior population. Dry mouth, also known as xerostomia, increases with the number of medications a person takes and the type of denture they wear. To relieve symptoms of xerostomia, your Bristol dentist can recommend oral moisturizers that provide symptomatic relief and aid denture stability.

Daily denture cleaning can prolong the life and comfort of the dentures too. If you’re curious about dentures and want to live a healthier life with a happier smile, contact us today for all the related information and to set up a consultation appointment with one of our Bristol dentists.