Don’t Wait to Get Your Cavities Filled – Visit Our Stamford Dentist

Do you have questions about obtaining dental fillings in Stamford, CT? Our Stamford dentist can help you determine what type of dental filling you need and why. For example, do you know the difference between porcelain dental fillings and nickel fillings? Most people don’t.

Stamford CT Cavity Fillings with Dr. DentalOur dentists can go into further detail about all the types of dental fillings currently available. For this blog’s purposes, however, we’re going to address nickel vs. porcelain – two of the more easily affordable options available.

Nickel dental fillings are durable. They wear very well. The problem our dentists have noticed is that these types of dental fillings are noticeable. Plus, they require a two-step process which most people don’t like. Nickel dental fillings can also be a bit harsh on the neighboring teeth, which means the possibility of additional office visits. Again, this isn’t always the case – but it can happen.

Teeth Fillings in Stamford, CTPorcelain dental fillings are very popular. The price point is great, the material wears well and is pretty durable, and these fillings usually only require a single visit. The downside is that porcelain can break and with a heavy bite-force, this can mean a second or third trip to the dentist. Additionally, porcelain isn’t recommended for molar teeth.

Most Stamford dentists agree that dental fillings have changed over the past two decades. Drills and gold alloy fillings are hardly used anymore- although gold alloy is the best, longest-lasting option available. Dental fillings are now performed using either an air abrasion tool or a laser to make the procedure more comfortable for patients.

If you’re thinking about getting your dental fillings taken care of soon (and you should) in Stamford, please contact us. Our Stamford, CT dentist is taking on new patients and has a gentle touch.