Don’t Wait to Get Your Cavities Filled – Visit Our Manchester Dentist

tooth filling in ManchesterTemporary dental fillings vs. permanent dental fillings – do you know how to distinguish these two oral health care components from one another?

Our Manchester, NH dentist blog today will help you understand the difference. A lot of people believe that a temporary filling is weak and not as strong as a permanent dental filling. This is a lie.

Temporary dental fillings are placed in a patient’s mouth usually during an emergency. These fillings are grossly white but are obviously unnatural. As our Manchester, NH dentist will tell you, temporary filling can last over a year but should be replaced as soon as possible.

Dental fillings that are permanent will need replacement between ten and twenty years after installation, depending on the type of dental filling material your Manchester, NH dentist uses for your procedure.

Unlike permanent dental fillings, temporary dental fillings are used by your dentist as a way to protect the infected tooth from hot or cold beverages and foods and keep out any additional bacteria. Sometimes the temporary filling is placed on while the patient takes an antibiotic. Other times, however, the temporary filling is a solution until the patient can come up with his or her financial obligation to insert a permanent, more cosmetic-friendly dental filling.

Cavity Filling in ManchesterNot wearing a temporary dental filling or the temporary filling for too long can result in bacteria harvesting within the hollowed out cavity, causing a multitude of oral concerns- even infections that can go to the brain!

Let’s review your need, concerns, and address if a temporary or permanent dental filling is right for you. Call our Manchester dental office today and let’s set up a consultation to get you started with a temporary dental filling today.