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Our Hamden, CT dentist wants you to know that there are many types of dental fillings available today. When people hear or read the phrase “dental fillings” they tend to get nervous. The procedure, the cost, the not knowing- it all factors into why people do or do not move forward with their dental fillings. The problem is, when people ignore dental fillings- a more serious oral health issue can be born. Your dentist can elaborate on this a bit more.

Some dental fillings can cause adverse reactions in people. Our Hamden dentist wants you to know that this is a few and far between concern to have. Anyone can have an allergic reaction to anything at any time. Dental fillings are primarily safe regardless of the type of material used. This said, let’s address some of the different types of fillings.

Gold alloy fillings used to be popular. This type of filling is a great choice but because of their color, more people are opting for a more natural appearance. Our Hamden dentist believes the benefits of gold alloy are that the material wears well and most of the tooth does not have to removed. Gold alloy is durable too.

Teeth Fillings in Hamden, CT Teeth before and after treatment – dental composite filling.

Porcelain ceramic dental fillings are the closest to gold alloy when it comes to quality. These types of fillings wear well and they look like your natural teeth. This said, this material can easily break when biting into certain foods and it is not as durable as its gold alloy counterparts.

Resin cement is also an affordable dental filling material. It has a more translucent appearance which can match the current shade of your teeth. This type of filling is not as costly as gold alloy or porcelain ceramic but it does wear faster and will have to be occasionally replaced. Our Dr. Dental dentists use resin cement fillings only upon request.

Some people opt to have teeth completely removed versus obtaining dental fillings because they are worried about toxins within the materials. You should always discuss causes for concern with your dentist. While many materials that we use every single day contain toxins, the level of concern is low because the concentration usually is low too.

All dentists should address the type of fillings they are suggesting for your dental procedure, as well as the costs associated with them and any level of toxic materials that they may contain. The benefits of dental fillings outweigh the negatives, like low levels of toxins. Our Hamden, CT dentist will explain why dental fillings can help preserve your teeth and promote a healthy smile.