Our Derby, CT dentists are experta when it comes to cavity fillings and can discuss your precise needs, financial concerns, and even the different types of materials used before any procedure is started.

Dental fillings come in all shapes and sizes based on the level of decay and bacteria around a tooth. Our Derby, CT dentist helps to classify the type of dental filling needed, the issue behind why there is tooth decay, and the appropriate treatment. Your Derby dentist will also discuss different dental filling options, like ceramic or gold alloy, and what is the best textile for your budget and dental revisit commitment level. And yes, eventually there will be a need to replace your dental fillings in the future.

Derby, CT Cavity Fillings with Dr. DentalMercury shouldn’t be a current issue when it comes to dental fillings. Mercury can be found in silver but there are a lot of dental filling alternatives. Our dentists can discuss amalgam and toxicity level concerns with you. Dentists who provide dental fillings only use materials that contain low-levels of toxic agents. These agents are not any more toxic than that of a plastic food container.

Don’t let “toxic” scare you from obtaining a dental filling! Our Derby, CT dentist recommends you to address the dental cavity issue right away, especially if you are in pain. Fillings serve a purpose to promote your oral health. Letting bacteria sit in the crevices of your mouth can actually allow it to get into your bloodstream and cause other consequential infections, including staph infections which can shut down your vital organs.

Dental fillings are now easier than ever to obtain. Our dentist will help you not only understand your procedure, but explain options to move forward with a more preventative approach when it comes to your oral health.