Don’t Wait to Get Your Cavities Filled – Visit Our Clifton Dentist

tooth filling in CliftonA dental trend is happening in the Clifton area of New Jersey and it has to do with Dr. Oz… Yes, Dr. Oz!

Ever since the TV doctor decided to spark up a mercury scare with silver dental fillings, people have been afraid to go to the dentist to take care of cavities. Don’t be afraid! You have several options and not all of them include silver dental fillings. Also, it is important for you to stay informed!

Our Clifton, NJ dentist is sharing some information about dental fillings, especially the silver ones that DON’T present a mercury scare until you drill them out- and even then, the levels are low and not toxic.

You have four different types of dental filling materials available to you in Clifton, NH.

Gold alloy dental fillings are durable and can last twenty years- if not longer. Since gold is expensive, these types of dental fillings are also sumptuous. Gold fillings do require multiple visits to the dentist. Since many people in have anxiety going to the dentist, gold alloy isn’t a popular dental filling choice despite the fact that it is probably the best choice when it comes to functionality.

Clifton, NJ dentists tend to use a lot of silver as a choice for dental fillings. Silver is a great option for larger back teeth. Most people have heard that Dr. Oz doesn’t advise people to get dental fillings that are silver. Therefore, many people are rushing to get these types of fillings exchanged. The mercury in silver dental fillings is not unsafe and only causes concern when it is drilled, like during a removal, after insertion. Even then, the small amount of mercury isn’t any more harmful then the thermometers of years’ pat. Silver dental fillings last as long as gold alloy but without the added expense. If you need your molars filled, silver dental fillings are your best option and our Clifton, NJ dentist can explain why.

Porcelain dental fillings are the most in-demand filling type in Clifton. These types of dental fillings are not that noticeable. They look like your natural teeth and they cost less than gold alloy fillings. You will have to replace this type of dental filling more often than gold or silver fillings.

Plastic dental fillings (resin fillings) are another option for people seeking a dentist in Clifton, NJ. The downside to resin fillings is they only work well on small cavities or small chipped areas of a tooth. They are not as durable as porcelain dental fillings but they do the job in a pinch or for small and problematic areas.

Cavity Filling in CliftonOur Clifton, NJ dentist is always happy to discuss the different types of dental filling materials with you and what will work best with your size and type of cavity vs. insurance requirements. Our dentist can also discuss how to avoid getting a dental filling through preventive measures too. Ignored cavities can turn into loss of teeth or root canals.

Don’t stop looking for a Clifton, NJ dentist until you find one who you trust and who explains all your dental needs and options. We’re always willing to accept new patients. Give us a call today to setup an appointment to address options for your next dental filling.