There are many types of dental fillings available for you to consider. When people hear that they need one or multiple tooth fillings, they can feel a bit anxious. The procedure, the cost, and trepidation of the unknown can all be factors of why people don’t follow through on their dental procedures. Ignoring dental fillings can cause a dental emergency in the long run. Your Bristol dentist can talk with you in detail about why dental fillings without treatment may lead to a dental emergency.

Cavity fillings may, on occasion, cause an adverse reaction in some patients, however most people will not have an adverse reaction to dental fillings. Anyone can have an allergic reaction to anything at any time. Cavity fillings are primarily safe regardless of the type of material used. So, let’s discuss some of the different types of fillings.

Gold alloy fillings were once very popular. This type of dental filling is a great choice but because of their color, more people are opting for a more natural appearance when it comes to fillings. Our Bristol dentist says that the benefits of gold alloy are associated with material that wears well. People who opt for gold alloy do so because most of the tooth does not have to removed and it is very durable.

Porcelain ceramic dental fillings are the closest to gold alloy when it comes to quality. These types of dental fillings wear well and they look like your natural teeth. Our Bristol, CT dentist wants you to know that this dental filling material can easily break when biting into certain foods and it is not as durable as its gold alloy counterparts.

Teeth Fillings in Bristol, CTResin cement is an affordable dental filling material. It has a more translucent appearance, which can match the current shade of your teeth. This type of filling is not as costly as gold alloy or porcelain ceramic but it does wear faster and will have to be occasionally replaced. In most cases, dentists use resin material only upon request.

While many people opt to have teeth completely removed versus obtaining dental fillings, this isn’t a good idea. You see, many people are worried about toxins within the materials. You should always discuss causes for concern with your Bristol, CT dentist. While materials that dentists use every single day contain toxins, the level of concern is low because the concentration usually is low too. The FDA would not allow us to utilize toxic materials that are linked to reproductive issues in large quantities.

All dentists should address the type of fillings they are suggesting for your dental procedure, as well as the costs associated with them and any level of toxic materials that they may contain. The benefits of dental fillings outweigh the negatives, like low levels of toxins. Our Bristol, CT dentist will explain why dental fillings will help preserve your teeth and restore a health smile. Make sure to contact our office today.