May 31, 2016

At Dr. Dental, we’ve seen it all. But what dental problems are our patients most worried about? Here are four issues that deserve a spot in the Dental Horror Hall of Fame. OK, they’re not that bad, but they still deserve attention – both for what they actually are, and also how you can avoid these scary problems.

DrDental Infographic-Scariest Problems

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Chipped or Broken Tooth

Accidents and poor dental care are usually responsible for a cracked tooth. If ignored, a chipped tooth can cause damage to your lips, gums, and other teeth.

Preventative measures: For athletes, a mouthguard is a smart accessory to keep teeth intact and healthy. Bad dental health practices can weaken teeth, making them vulnerable to chips or cracks while eating. Brush and floss regularly to avoid a chipped tooth.

Oral Thrush

Yikes – even the name sounds scary! Oral thrush is a fungal disease, and common symptoms include white lesions, mouth inflammation, and bleeding.

Preventative measures: Use an antiseptic mouth rinse at least once per day. Also, brush your teeth on a regular basis. Regular trips to the dentist always help!


The first stage of gum disease, gingivitis is accompanied by white color along the edge of the gums and constant soreness.

Preventative measures: Clean between your teeth, and make sure you brush at least twice per day. A sensible diet – minimal junk food, plenty of fruits and vegetables – also helps keep gingivitis at bay.


Cavities are common, yet still rank as one of the scariest dental problems. Untreated cavities are not only frightening to look at; they’re a nightmare for the rest of your mouth.

Preventative measures: Common sense dental care – regular brushing & flossing, and avoiding sticky foods – is the easiest way to avoid cavities.


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